Books Reviews of New Releases

October 2021 New Releases

The Twelve Jays of Christmas by Donna Andrews - October 2021 New Release
Down the Hatch An Agatha Raisin Mystery by M.C. Beaton - October 2021 New Release
God Rest Ye, Royal Gentlemen by Rhys Bowen - October 2021 New Release
Mrs. Jeffries and the Midwinter Murders by Emily Brightwell - October 2021 New Release
Claws for Alarm by Rita Mae Brown - October 2021 New Release
The Enemy You Gnocchi by Catherine Bruns - October 2021 New Release
Have a Holly, Haunted Christmas by Lynn Cahoon - October 2021 New Release
Strangers on a Skein by Anne Canadeo - October 2021 New Release
Twisted Tea Christmas by Laura Childs - October 2021 New Release
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Murder by Maria DiRico - October 2021 New Release
Angels Adrift by Alice Duncan - October 2021 New Release
Christmas Dessert Murder by Joanne Fluke - October 2021 New Release
Marshmallows and Memories by Agatha Frost - October 2021 New Release
Slashing Through the Snow by Jacqueline Frost - October 2021 New Release
Mistletoe Cake Murder by Lena Gregory - October 2021 New Release
Getaway With Murder by Diane Kelly - October 2021 New Release
The Riverwoman's Dragon by Candace Robb - October 2021 New Release
Litani by Jess Lourey - October 2021 New Release
Best in Snow by David Rosenfelt - October 2021 New Release
The Joy and Light Bus Company by Alexander McCall Smith - October 2021 New Release
Fahrenheit 501 by Diane Vallere - October 2021 New Release
The Alchemist of Fire and Fortune by Gigi Pandian - October 2021 New Release
Gnome Alone by Kirsten Weiss - October 2021 New Release
It's a Wonderful Woof by Spencer Quinn - October 2021 New Release

November 2021 New Releases

A Murder Yule Regret by Winnie Archer - November 2021 New Release
Death on the Shelf by Allison Brook - November 2021 New Release
Killer Words by V.M.Burns - November 2021 New Release
The Dark Hours by Michael Connely - November 2021 New Release
Murder at the Lobstah Shack by Maddie Day - November 2021 New Release
Murder in Miniature at Honeychurch Hall by Hannah Dennison - November 2021 New Release
Wedded Spirits by Alice Duncan - November 2021 New Release
Game On Tempting Twenty-Eight by Janet Evanovich - November 2021 New Release
Marriage Can Be Mischief by Amanda Flower - November 2021 New Release
Claret and Present Danger by Sarah Fox - November 2021 New Release
Murder at the Bake Sale by Lee Hollis - November 2021 New Release
Killer Research by Jenn McKinlay - November 2021 New Release
The Left-Handed Twin by Thomas Perry - November 2021 New Release
Mimi Lee Cracks the Code (A Sassy Cat Mystery) by Jennifer Chow
Big Trouble in Little Greektown by Kate Collins - November 2021 New Release
Killer Words by V.M. Burns - November 2021 New Release
Bear a Wee Grudge Meg Macy - November 2021 New Release
Body and Soul Food by Abby Collette - November 2021 New Release
A Murder Like No Author by Amy Lillard - November 2021 New Release
Christmas Candy Corpse by Roaemarie Ross - November 2021 New Release
Petals and Poison by Jess Dylan - November 2021 New Release
Short-Circuited in Charlotte by Patricia Meade - November 2021 New Release
Pickled Petunia by Dahlia Donovan - November 2021 New Release
Styled for Murder by Nancy J. Cohen - November 2021 New Release
Déjà Boo by Carolyn Ridder Aspenson - November 2021
As the Christmas Cookie Crumbles by Leslie Budewitz - November 2021 New Release
Marshmallows and Memories by Agatha Frost - November 2021 New Release
Mrs. Jeffries and the Midwinter Murders by Emily Brightwell - November 2021 New Release
Persian Penalty by Molly Fitz - November 2021 New Release

December 2021 New Releases

Bake, Borrow, and Steal by Ellie Alexander - December 2021 New Release
Crime Strikes a Chord by Christy Barritt - December 2021 New Release
A Plus One for Murder by Laura Bradford - December 2021 New Release
Absence of Mallets by Kate Carlisle - December 2021 New Release
Honey Roasted - by Cleo Coyle - December 2021 New Release
Lady MacDeath by Mary Daheim - December 2021 New Release
Bryant & May London Bridge Is Falling Down by Christopher Fowler - December 2021 New Release
Renewed for Murder by Victoria Gilbert - December 2021 New Release
Murder Under A New Moon by Abigail Keam - December 2021 New Release
A Deadly Endowment by Alyssa Maxwell - December 2021 New Release
Cereal Killer by Diana Orgain - December 2021 New Release
Jane Darrowfield and the Madwoman Next Door by Barbara Ross - December 2021 New Release
Family Business by S.J. Rozan - December 2021 New Release
Dark Night by Paige Shelton - December 2021 New Release
City of Shadows by Victoria Thompson - December 2021 New Release
Renewed for Murder (A Blue Ridge Library Mystery) by Victoria Gilbert
Beauty and the Deceased by Debra Sennefelder - December 2021 New Release
Stitched in Crime by Emmie Cadwell - December 2021 New Release

January 2022 New Releases

A Killer Sundae by Abby Collette - January 2022 New Release
Crimes and Covers by Amanda Flower - January 2022 New Release
A Three Book Problem by Vicki Delany - January 2022 New Release
Easter Bonnet Murder by Leslie Meier - January 2022 New Release
Hot and Sour Suspects by Vivien Chien - January 2022 New Release
Murder at the Mansions by Sara Rosett - January 2022 New Release
Show Me the Bunny by Laurien Berenson - January 2022 New Release
Spirits and Sourdough by Bailey Cates - January 2022 New Release
Something's Guava Give by Carrie Doyle - January 2022 New Release
Tailing Trouble by Laura Scott - January 2022 New Release
The Big Steep by Sandra Balzo - January 2022 New Release
The Librarian Always Rings Twice by Marty Wingate - January 2022 New Release
The Mystery of Albert E. Finch by Calllie Hutton - January 2022 New Release
Up to No Gouda by Linda Reilly - January 2022 New Release

February 2022 New Releases

Batter Off Dead by Maddie Day - February 2022 New Release
Antique Auctions Are Murder by Libby Klein - February 2022 New Release
Death of a Knit Wit by Peggy Ehrhart - February 2022 New Release
Evil Under the Tuscan Sun by Stephanie Cole - February 2022 New Release
Finlay Donovan Knocks 'Em Dead by Elle Cosimano - February 2022 New Release
Homicide and Halo-Halo by Mia P.Manansala - February 2022 New Release
Live, Local, and Dead by Nikki Knight - February 2022 New Release
Murder on an Irish Farm by Carlene O'Connnor - February 2022 New Release
Long Overdue at the Lakeside Library by Holly Danvers - February 2022 New Release
Murder on the Menu by fiona Leitch - February 2022 New Release
The Kill of it All by Diane Vallere - February 2022 New Release
Put Out to Pasture by Amanda Flower - February 2022 New Release
Totally Pawstruck by Sofie Ryan - February 2022 New Release

March 2022 New Releases

Front Page Murder by Joyce St. Antony - March 2022 New Release
Deadly Director's Cut by Vicki Delany - March 2022 New Release
Pleading the Fish by Bree Baker - March 2022 New Release
Thrill of the Hunt by Rita Mae Brown - March 2022 New Release
Under Lock & Skeleton Key by Gigi Pandian - March 2022 New Release
Wedding Bell Blues by Lynn Cahoon - March 2022 New Release
Wild Irish Rose by Rhys Bowen - March 2022 New Release

April 2022 New Releases

Murder on Madison Square Victoria Thompson - April 2022 New Release
A Perilous Perspective by Anna Lee Huber - April 2022 New Release

May 2022 New Releases

Aunt Dimity and the Enchanted Cottage by Nancy Atherton - May 2022 New Release
Bear Witness by Lark O. Jensen - May 2022 New Release
Big Shot by Kirsten Weiss - May 2022 New Release
Magic, Lies, and Deadly Pies by Misha Popp - May 2022 New Release
Murder Most Grave by G.A. McKevett - May 2022 New Release

June 2022 New Releases

July 2022 New Releases

August 2022 New Releases

September 2022 New Releases

A Dark and Snowy Night by Sally Goldenbaum - September 2022 New Release

October 2022 New Releases

November 2022 New Releases

December 2022 New Releases