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Book Review | 1st to Die by James Patterson – Women’s Murder Club

Date Published | May 08, 2001

Date Read | May 2021

Goodreads Rating | 5

Overall | This was such a good start to a series – loved the combination of all 4 women working ont he investigation which is weird since I usually feel like that’s too many people.

Pros | This reads like a thriller where you get the POV of the serial killer and the investigators and the love interest.

Cons | None

Warnings | There is insta-love, insta-marriage so the romance feels a little weird because he’s just instantly in love with her for no reason but the fact that she’s in the book

POV | First Person POV Past Tense

Will I Be Continuing With The Series | Yes

Description |

Each one holds a piece of the puzzle: Lindsay Boxer is a homicide inspector in the San Francisco Police Department, Claire Washburn is a medical examiner, Jill Bernhardt is an assistant D.A., and Cindy Thomas just started working the crime desk of the San Francisco Chronicle.

But the usual procedures aren’t bringing them any closer to stopping the killings. So these women form a Women’s Murder Club to collaborate outside the box and pursue the case by sidestepping their bosses and giving each other a hand. The four women develop intense bonds as they pursue a killer whose crimes have stunned an entire city. Working together, they track down the most terrifying and unexpected killer they have ever encountered–before a shocking conclusion in which everything they knew turns out to be devastatingly wrong.
Full of the breathtaking drama and unforgettable emotions for which James Patterson is famous, 1st to Die is the start of the #1 New York Times bestselling series of crime thrillers.

1st to Die Women's Murder Club by James Patterson - Lisa Siefert Book Reviews
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