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Book Review | Assault and Batting by Tess Rothery – The Taylor Quinn Quilt Shop Mysteries Book

Date Published | December 1, 2019

Date Read | July 2021

Goodreads Rating | 1

Overall | Wow – this book was a huge Debbie Downer of depressing and heavy topics that just made you want to kill yourself because life is hopeless and meaningless. However, it did keep me turning the page – it was interesting enough to keep reading through to the end but I would never read anything by this author or in this series ever again

Pros | It had interesting character interactions that made me want to keep reading

Cons | Had a super serious and life is pointless type of tone to it. they don’t even bother trying to solve the mystery until her little sister’s school guidance counselor tells her that it will help her sister to deal with her mother’s death. Prior to this, the book is simply a super heavy drama of one awful thing after another and not in that good way. It’s more of that guilt-shaming way, like you’re not doing enough to make the world a better place and should be more sacrificing of your time and energy to help those less fortunate.

Warnings | Deals with depressing issues like caring for an elderly grandparent with dementia and the uncomfortable scenes that invokes – in general this entire book made me feel awful about life

POV | Third Person POV Past Tense

Will I Be Continuing With The Series | OMG – NO!

Description | Too many suspects are hiding under the covers. Can she blanket the culprit before they stitch up more victims?

Taylor Quinn is full of love and living it up in the city. But when her mother dies suspiciously, and she rushes home to take over the family’s small-town quilt shop, her whole world unravels. Discovering her grieving young sister who blames herself, she vows to prove everyone’s innocence.

In way over her head, Taylor’s investigation pulls a thread of quirky suspects, a tight knot of envy, and a patchwork of gossip. But as she weaves the evidence together, she unwittingly reels in the killer’s attention….

Can Taylor sew up the case before everything comes apart at the seams?

Assault and Batting is the first book in the delightful Taylor Quinn Quilt Shop cozy mystery series. If you like classic puzzles, poignant family relationships, and heartwarming surprises, then you’ll love Tess Rothery’s humorous tale.

Assault and Batting A Taylor Quinn Quilt Shop Cozy Mystery The Taylor Quinn Quilt Shop Mysteries Book 1 by Tess Rothery - Lisa Siefert Book Reviews
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