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Book Review | Assaulted Caramel by Amanda Flower – An Amish Candy Shop Mystery Book 1

Date Published | November 28, 2017

Date Read | June 2021

Goodreads Rating | 4

Overall | I’m always on the lookout for a good Amish Cozy Mystery and this was no exception – it hit all the Amish tropes of random German sounding words, quaint customs and unique mannerisms. Loved it!

Pros | She’s a chocolatier – yummy!

Cons | It seemed a little ridiculous that her NYC bestie would waste an entire week helping out there for zero $ while being treated rudely by the main character. Also – the love story made absolutely no sense. Why would she have a secret boyfriend when she lives the regular life and then he does the cliche cheating on her? And why would she even care – she doesn’t bother even once to call or text him. Clearly, she’s the jerk in this relationship, not him. She ghosted him and denied his existence – I did not feel bad for her at all when she found out he moved on. Good for him.

Warnings | None

POV | First Person POV Past Tense

Will I Be Continuing With The Series | No

Description | Bailey King is living the sweet life as assistant chocolatier at a famous New York chocolate company. But just when she’s up for a major promotion, she gets word that her grandfather Jebidiah’s heart condition has worsened. Bailey rushes to Harvest, Ohio, where her grandparents still run Swissmen Sweets, the Amish candy shop where she first learned about delicious fudge, truffles, and other assorted delights.

Unfortunately, Baily’s grandparents are suffering from more than just heart trouble. A local Englisch land developer is trying to take over their shop. And when the man is found dead in the candy shop kitchen—with Jebidiah’s chocolate knife buried in his chest—the sheriff suspects Bailey. Now, with the sweet help of a handsome deputy, Bailey is out to clear her name. But as a cunning killer tries to fudge the truth, she may be headed straight into a whole batch of trouble . . .

Assaulted Caramel Amish Candy Shop Mystery Series Book 1 by Amanda Flower - Lisa Siefert Book Reviews
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