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Book Review | Better off Wed by Laura Durham

Date Published | June 27, 2017

Book Club Date | August 2021

Goodreads Rating | 3

Overall | This was a good solid cozy mystery about a wedding planner

Pros | It had some lively characters

Cons | Why do all Wedding Planners have to HATE their brides? Can we have one book that doesn’t have the planner complaining about a Bridezilla – like, if you hate brides that much, then why are you a wedding planner. Just become a funeral director where you only manage events where people are dead or do something else. This is probaby just a pet peeve of mine but it’s a free world – choose a nother career and stop talking about how much you HATE and can’t stand all of your clients.

Warnings | This has lots of 1980’s style humor of the super sexy ditzy sidekick and gay BFF – while also making fun of people for how they look + their weight

POV | First Person POV Past Tense

Will I Be Continuing With The Series | No

Description | A guest with an axe to grind. A bridal party full of secrets. This wedding planner is about to turn detective…

Annabelle Archer is a few days away from completing the most elaborate wedding she’s ever planned. As she daydreams about the doors her perfect reception could unlock for her business, she stumbles over a dead body at the bottom of the stairs. The planner is horrified to recognize the body lying underfoot as the mother of the bride. When the police determine the victim was poisoned, Annabelle’s best friend and caterer becomes the prime suspect.

As she works to clear her best friend’s name, Annabelle discovers the bride’s mother had more enemies and secrets than she could ever fit on the guest list. To save her business and her friend, D.C.’s premiere wedding planner must find the killer. But will getting too close to the action make this wedding day her last?

Better off Wed by Laura Durham
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