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Book Review | Murder Always Barks Twice by Jennifer Hawkins

Date Published | August 3, 2021

Book Club Date | August 2021

Goodreads Rating | 3

Overall | The talking dog was super cute but it didn’t really go into anything more magical like vampires or werewolves or stuff like that. It was basically a cozy mystery set in England with a talking dog but no explanation why or how. She does try to keep it a hidden fact from everyone.

Pros | The Cornish accent of the Corgi in the audiobook was super adorable – especially how he’s always saying “Emma”. He totally made the entire book. 

Cons | I didn’t read Books #1 and 2 so maybe she’s known everywhere as the expert detective but it seemed oddd that the super wealthy family women would ask her to investigate instead of hiring a professional

Warnings | None

POV | Third Person POV Past Tense

Will I Be Continuing With The Series | No

Description |

For ex-accountant Emma Reed and her beloved corgi, Oliver, opening Reed’s Classic Tea & Cakes in the idyllic village of Trevena in Cornwall has been the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.  Her cakes are popular, she has a host of wonderful new friends, and even a potential new romance.  There’s even time left over for plenty of long country walks with Oliver, who is not only the cutest corgi on record (at least to Emma), he happens to talk (at least to Emma).  What could be better?   

How about being asked to help cater the local Daphne DuMaurier literary festival?   

But when the festival organizer is found dead and foul play is suspected, Emma, Oliver and their friends are plunged deep into a poisonous mix of village jealousy, family tension, money troubles, and secret love affairs.  Emma quickly realizes it’s up to her and her intrepid corgi to discover a canny killer whose bite is worse than their bark.


Murder Always Barks Twice by Jennifer Hawkins
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