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Cozy Escape Book Club Chat | Marigolds and Murder by London Lovett – Port Danby Cozy Mystery Series Book 1

Date Published | September 14, 2017

Book Club Date | August 2019

Goodreads Rating | 3

Overall | This was a good solid mystery with interesting characters and a good plot

Pros | Details to be added later

Cons | Details to be added later

Warnings | None

POV | First Person POV Past Tense

Will I Be Continuing With The Series | No

Description | Lacey ‘Pink’ Pinkerton has left behind a six figure job and her reputation as the million dollar nose—a nickname her super sense of smell earned her within the perfume industry. With her pet crow Kingston and a tabby cat named Nevermore, she is settling right into her new life in the small coastal town of Port Danby. With a flower shop opening soon and a full cast of quirky neighbors and friends, her new digs are exactly what she’s been looking for. Away from the hectic hustle and bustle of the city Lacey has found peace and happiness. However, her heightened sense of smell proves to be of use once again when a Port Danby neighbor turns up dead. Lacey finds herself caught up in an unexpected murder investigation alongside the handsome local detective, James Briggs. She’s determined to find the killer and solve the murder mystery before any more bodies turn up.

Marigolds and Murder by London Lovett - Cozy Escape Book Club Livestream
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