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Cozy Escape Book Club Chat | Murder on Lot B by London Lovett – Starfire Cozy Mysteries

Book Club Date | September 2020

Goodreads Rating | 3

Overall | This was a good solid historical mystery with interesting characters and a good plot

Pros | There are way less characters in this than her first book so it wasn’t crazy overwhelming to read and much easier to follow along and I actually getting to know the main character and her brother.

Cons | I’m not into historical mysteries

Warnings | None

POV | First Person POV Past Tense

Will I Be Continuing With The Series | No but not because it was bad – only because historicals aren’t my thing but I’m totally open and looking forward to reading London Lovett’s next contemporary cozy mystery series!

Description | Los Angeles, 1923. The land of movie stars and perpetual sunshine has a stylish new force to be reckoned with—Poppy Starfire, Private Investigator.
Poppy recently moved out on her own and is eager for a taste of independence and to prove to her retired Uncle Sherman that she is capable of running the Starfire Detective Agency. Her brother Jasper has also joined the agency. Poppy prides herself on being a skilled investigator but so far the cases have been scarce and to say the least uninspiring. But that all changes when Anna Colton walks through the door. Anna’s brother Roger, a famous stuntman for the local movie studio has died in a well publicized accidental fall. Only Anna’s not convinced it was an accident. It’s up to Poppy and Jasper to peel away the layers and uncover the truthWho killed Roger ‘Rowdy’ James?

Transport yourself back to the golden age of Hollywood in book 1 of London Lovett’s brand new historical Starfire Cozy Mystery series.

Murder on Lot B by London Lovett - Cozy Escape Book Club Livestream
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