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This is the place where you get your fill of all things mystery – whodunnits + more. Let’s read more books together.

If you haven’t noticed, I love mysteries whether those are books, TV shows or movies – if there is a puzzle to be solved I’m there. Join me and Courtny and Molly in discovering new mysteries and chatting about them in book club.

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Welcome to a place where cozy mysteries rule and cute kitty cats + puppy dogs are your BFF

A USA Today Bestselling Author and self-taught Graphic Designer at Pretty Fabulous, I created this site because I wanted to talk about my #1 love: BOOKS

I’m a Korean Adoptee, born in Seoul but raised in the Midwest. I’m a New Yorker at heart but currently residing in San Diego 

I have a history degree from St. Mary’s College of Notre Dame + an MBA in Accounting from University of Illinois at Chicago and spent 20 years as an HR Executive in Corporate America, specializing in Compensation 

All of the books in my Frosted Misfortunes Cozy Mystery series are about my little kitty cat LUCKY – he’s a super cute Abyssinian cat that gets himself into trouble and different adventures all the time with his bakery owner: Ava who specializes in filled cupcakes + caramel lattes

Fudge & Felonies | Cupcake Cozy Mysteries for Cat Lovers | Lisa Siefert
Vanilla & Vendettas | Cupcake Cozy Mysteries for Cat Lovers | Lisa Siefert

Meet Lisa

I’m a die hard New Yorker with a deep spiritual connection to anything on the Hallmark Channel and Peppermint Hot Chocolate. Here’s all the important stuff you’ll need to determine if we’re kindred spirits:

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